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Petrillo Baseball Field Fencing Challenge from Hagar Enterprises

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

A community challenge has come about in efforts to finish the job s tar ted by Justin Hagar and Hagar Enterprises family – what Justin calls the Field of Dreams . Late this winter, the Central Lincoln County (CLC) YMCA shared news o f the good that comes out of community collaboration , namely the upgrade and reconstruction of the old Petrillo Baseball field next to the newly renovated YMCA . Many changes have happened over the past few months and now the rest is a need for community support . Justin commented, “I keep adding to this little field of dreams project, and a real field needs fencing.” So, Justin, in collaboration with Meagan Hamblett, CEO of the CLC YMCA, is reaching out to the community to help make this a reality.

The Hagar Enterprises family will match anyone who purchases a foot of fencing. Each foot of fence is $18 and the hope is to put up a total of 730 linear feet of fence. If you would like to contribute or for more information, contact Molly Cyr, CLC YMCA Development Coordinator, at Other opportunities to help bring this plan to fruition are: help repair or rebuild the existing wooden score board, build foul ball posts; construct protection commonly seen on top of fencing; and donation of materials for additional length of underdrain for second half of the field, a long-term goal of the project in order to truly help keep the field dry. These “finishing touches” are just the icing on the cake. The work that has been completed or are in the final stages of completion are removal of three of the four, nonfunctioning and antiquated light poles and lights (the fourth was left alone as it is the home to our family of ospreys); drainage around half of the field; installation of sod; brand new dugouts courtesy of JF Scott, Viking Lumber and Hammond Lumber, and painted by Little League; electrical source for concession stand, batting machine and future announcer booth; concrete pad for the announcer booth behind the backstop, booth materials donated by NC Hunt Lumber and built by Garrett Coffin; a batting cage has been installed, with artificial turf donated by Luke Houghton; installation of backstop and foul ball fencing; and a spectator area with picnic tables. A bullpen with artificial turf next to each dugout is also planned, and finally, Hagar will be paving a path from the Y to GSB, with an additional paved area for wheel chair access to the dugout closest to the school.

There you have it, how a vision becomes a reality by a group of thoughtful minded, caring and giving individuals—and now is your chance to pitch in as well! Take the challenge and support the Petrillo Baseball Field’s new fence. Again, just $18 per foot and Hagar Enterprises will match it. Together, we can make it happen! The CLC YMCA is grateful and appreciative of the community support that is necessary for our Y to exist, thrive and have a lasting healthy and positive impact on the community we serve.


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